Your Word is Your Manifestation

Affirmations are powerful tools to help the subconscious mind and spirt focus on the positive effects we are trying to manifest. Affirmations also help to negate our negative self-talk.

By spending 10-15 minutes a day on affirmations, we not only clear our mind, we slow down a bit and give ourselves permission to create the things that are important in our lives. By utilizing positive affirmations we honor ourselves.

"Your Word is Your Manifestation" was written by Peter Ragnar of Roaring Lion Publication. Enjoy!

Your Word is Your Manifestation

I am this instant the rightful recipient of my divine desire!

I am the creator of my world and my words are my tools!

I am creative energy flowing forth expressing manifestation!

My mind owns my body and I own my mind!

I am the desire of ETERNAL youth made manifest in my flesh!

Luminous health and glorious goodness love me!

Money, like a puppy, follows me wherever I go!

WONDERFUL things always happen to me; therefore, I always expect WONDERFUL things to happen!

Consciousness seeks its PERFECT expression through me!

I am the pulsation of creation in the manifestation of an IMMORTAL body with a PERFECT mind!

I am the PERFECT expression of gratitude!

I am the PERFECT expression of forgiveness!

I am the PERFECT expression of love!

I am ETERNAL health, ETERNAL life, and ETERNAL wisdom!

I am INVINCIBLE in my powers of creation!

I am the manifestation of my own idea!

My mind power, willpower, and imagination serve to create my OPULENT reality!

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