You Don't Need a Black Belt to Protect Yourself

Ladies, you don't need a martial arts black belt to protect yourself. Think about it? Do you honestly believe that criminals sign up at the local dojo (martial arts school) and go, "Hey Sensei, I want to better terrorize my neighborhood, could you show me some of those great UFC moves?" No, they don't. Further, any self respecting sensei wouldn't allow them in.

So why don't you need a black belt? Because protecting yourself in a self defense situation is very different from learning sport or tournament martial arts. And yes, most "martial art schools" are sport and/or tournament schools. Now don't misunderstand, I think martial arts training is a wonderful path and there are great insights that you learn about yourself. However, for street self defense and personal protection skills, it is lacking.

Think about your local criminal or thug. They are amazingly efficient at creating fear and injury. Why? Because they understand what frightens you and they understand that violence is quick and lethal. They don't hesitate.

If you want to understand how to negate the possibility of a criminal attack, then you need to understand how a criminal operates. You won't learn this in your black belt classes. If you want to negate violence and efficiently and effectively neutralize your attacker in the quickest possible time frame, then you need to understand vital targeting and how to penetrate your opponent creating injury. You won't learn this in your black belt classes. Where will you learn this? Only in one place is it taught - a reputable women's self defense program.

By understanding the criminal mindset, how crime triangles work, how to increase your awareness and the personal protection options that are available to you, you will reduce the likelihood of being targeted as a potential victim.

So, although that martial arts black belt may not always protect you, joining a women's self defense class will increase your self defense options and your safety.

Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO & Founder of Women's Self-Defense Institute and has been teaching women's self-defense programs for over 20 years. She is a tireless advocate of self-reliance and responsibility, encouraging women to actively protect life through awareness and education.

Angie holds the following certifications:

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Kenpo
  • 1st Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Combat Hapkido
  • Certified Instructor in Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
  • Certified instructor in International Police Defensive Tactics
  • Certified Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist
  • Certified Kid-Safe Network Agent
  • Certified Woman-Safe Network Agent
  • Professional Speaker
  • Published Author -
  • -"Practical Self Defense & Safety Tips for Today's Busy Female"
  • -"5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Reiki Master" Reiki Master

    Angie created Women's Self-Defense Institute to share information, resources, products, training and advice about safety and survival to women nationally & internationally coping with a dangerous world. Angie brings humor and real world examples to her training empowering women to tap into their own strengths and become their own best self-defense advocates.

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