Up & Twist - Defense Against Two Hand Front Choke

This is a simple technique that works by lowering your center of gravity slightly and using the momentum of your hips.

The most crucial part of this defense is to keep your body calm.

  1. Attacker grabs your throat from the front with both hands.
  2. Lower your center of gravity slightly while stepping out so your legs are shoulder width apart.
  1. Bring both arms up over your head and grab your hands.
  2. Shrug your shoulders up as if you are trying to reach your ears. This will loosen the attackers hold and keep his arms in place for the next move.
  1. You can step in or out, (whicher is more comfortable for you) while using your hips to twist your body and create a whipping motion.
  2. Make sure to trap his hands with your hands as you are twisting and feeling him release.
  1. Bring your back hand up to protect your head and prepare to strike.
  2. Depending on whether you stepped in our out on your initial twisting motion, you have the option of striking the inside knee to take out the knee.
  1. Twist your hips in the opposite direction and use your body momentum to strike at either the jaw line with an open palm strike or the Adam's apple, whichever is easier to strike with your back hand.

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