The Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon

What would you give to have the ultimate self-defense weapon you can always rely upon? What would it be worth to have a self-defense weapon that will disable or annihilate your attacker immediately? What would you do to own a self-defense weapon that required no registration with law enforcement, no carrying permits, and no inter-state or international permissions?

That would be a pretty amazing weapon, wouldn't it? I know; you're trying to guess which handgun, stun gun or Mace product this could be. Or maybe you're wondering if this is a new style kick or punch technique? Maybe you're even wondering if this weapon really exists.

Well the answer is, it does, and we each possess it. The ultimate self-defense weapon is your mind! Before you click off, think about this. What "tells" your body that there is danger and you need to do something? What "tells" your hand to reach into your purse and pull out your gun? What "tells" your finger to point that Mace at your assailant and push the trigger? What "tells" your body to load up for that roundhouse kick or palm heel strike? The answer is your mind.

By properly training your mind, you quickly empower and embrace your own personal security. You increase your perception to identify potentially dangerous situations before you are staring at the pointy end of a knife or the gun muzzle. By training your mind to understand and recognize criminal behavior, you increase your self-defense options for avoidance and potential de-escalation situations. By training your mind for situational attack scenarios you are laying the preparation groundwork to not be "the deer in headlights" if and when you should be confronted by violence.

Think of your brain as a filing cabinet. Everything you have ever learned, been exposed to or imagined has been properly filed in their respective files. Unfortunately for women, the file labeled self defense / personal protection is mostly empty. So when a situation occurs, whether it be sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, or assault, most of us do not know how to react because as the subconscious goes to access the file to give your mind the tools to deal with the situation, the file is empty and we are left standing as a victim, not a defender of our personal well-being.

Take control of your own personal protection and self-defense success by honing the ultimate self-defense weapon - your mind.

To learn more on how to be the ultimate self-defense weapon, visit our self-defense training page.

** Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO / Founder of Women's Self-Defense Institute providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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