Spring is Here! How to Safely use the Parks and Trails!

I’m crossing my fingers and issuing my first park alert for the season.

Spring has finally Sprung in New Jersey as we hit the mid-seventy degree mark. I’ve seen a lot of folks out in the parks enjoying themselves.

Spring also means that mook season is about to start. The low-lifes will be out in force soon and someone will be falling victim to an assault in the park.

If you’re smart, it won’t be you. But it is always someone who doesn’t think it can happen to them.

Wise up!! Be aware of your surroundings and have a plan when and if confronted.

A few simple tools, and knowing how to properly use them, can lay a big hurt on one of the park pervs. You should carry (aside from knowing personal self-defense from our RAD program) a personal alarm, wildfire pepper spray or a mini stun gun where allowed by law.

Even if you are jogging looking like a Baywatch lifeguard, you can easily carry these items and they won’t wear you down. The plus side is that a low life will not be expecting you to ruin his day. So if he jumps out at you, feel free to spray him down, or see how much current he can stand. Then hit your alarm and the noise will further freak him out.

But please, please do not walk, bike, run or sunbathe without personal protection gear and/or training. And do not go running off the beaten path. Stick to areas other people use and know where you can go quickly in a jam.

Stay aware, stay alert and have a plan! Enjoy the Spring!

**Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO/Founder of Women's Self-Defense Institute and EasySafety4U.com providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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