Self-Defense-Programs for Corporations, Individuals & Non-Profits

We offer various programs self-defense-programs for the individual, employer, group, or organization to take advantage of to increase their awareness of and reduce their risk of becoming a crime victim.

Our ultimate focus is personal protection & self-defense. Our goal is to keep women alive and reduce their chances of becoming a crime victim through effective self-defense training. To us, "reality based" training involves much more than just kicking and punching.

Reality means knowing the legal standards, criminal psychology, de-escalation techniques, and the moral/ethical problems associated with the use of force, as well as effective physical self-defense techniques.

If you would like a specific program that is not listed here, please contact us to discuss how we may tailor a self-defense program for you or your group.

Corporate/Business Training

Private College Safety for Her Training

Group College Safety for Her Training

Rape Aggression Defense

Kid Safety Programs

Close Quarter Combat

Private Lessons

Travel Protection

Senior Programs

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