Say NO to Violence Against Women

UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) is the managing entity for the UN General Assembly's initiative of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women which supports local organizations to tackle gender-based violence. During the 10 years of its existence, the Trust Fund has supported more than 200 initiatives in over 100 countries with just one purpose in mind - to bring about a real change in women's lives. Grantees have worked to prevent human trafficking, put a spotlight on so-called honour killings of women, and help women overcome the trauma of domestic violence and rape.

Nicole Kidman joined UNIFEM two years ago as their spokesman for the "Say NO to Violence Against Women" global internet campaign. "Much has been achieved, but much more needs to be done, and demand far outstrips funding available. Please help us make the world a safer place for women tomorrow by sending a donation today. Every amount counts." states Nicole Kidman, UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador.

You can show your support by posting your signature on the campaign's website Say No To Violence.

Violence against women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions. At least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime — with the abuser usually someone known to her [1]. Perhaps the most pervasive human rights violation that we know today, it devastates lives, fractures communities, and stalls development. (UNIFEM Facts & Figures)

Get Involved - Volunteer with organizations working to change attitudes and policies in your community. Some organizations provide services to families experiencing violence; others run hotlines or shelters that provide a safe haven for women and their children; and still others work with local and national governments to strengthen law enforcement responses and justice systems to respond to women experiencing abuse.

Take Action -Wherever you are, work with others in your school, community centre or religious group to register your support of programmes, events, and government policies that help communities combat violence against women and support services that help reduce violence. Write letters to the editor and to appropriate representatives to let your voice be heard.

One life, one voice, one vision can make a difference.

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