Push & Roll - Ground Defense Against Rear Mount

This is an easy defense against someone who is laying on top of you. No strength is required for this move; everything is based on leverage and physics.

The important secret is to keep your head flat on the ground. This relaxes the body and utilizes the leveraging function. If you lift your head/neck, you will tighten up your lower back muscles and then you will be utilizing muscle instead of leverage to unseat your attacker.

  1. Attacker has all his weight on you pinning you to the ground.
  2. Keep your head flat to the ground.
  1. Bring your right hand directly under your breast and plant it flat (You can also do this with your left hand, if you choose).
  1. From your right hand, push at a 45 degree angle up and back towards your assailant.
  2. This will generate the momentum to throw him off of you.
  1. Follow the momentum using your elbow to either strike him in the face (nose/chin/eyes) or strike him in the groin.
  2. Disengage and escape.

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