Judge Calls Rape Victim "Stupid"

Nothing seems to make men feel better than to blame the female victims of crime. A judge ruling in a Canadian rape case called the 18-year old survivor "stupid" and "naive" for getting into a car with the offender, who then brought her to a cemetary to rape her. Full Story

This is just the kind of support we do not need to encourage victims to come forward and report crimes!

Why is it that rape is still viewed as the victim's fault? When do we, as a society, truly hold men accountable for their actions? Why is the responsibility for rape on the woman's shoulder?

The Judge ruled that Priolo, the rapist, was a predator who took advantage of a vulnerable young woman after she got into his car on the promise he would drive her to a bus stop.

So not only does he imply that she is "stupid", but incapable of understanding that she might have been in danger. And men, you wonder why women don't trust you?

  • Could this young woman have fought off her attacker? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • Could she have avoided getting into the car if her instincts had told her not to? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • Is she responsible for being raped? NO!
  • Is she courageous for stepping forward and reporting this to the police? YES!
  • Is she courageous for testifying and going thru the process (which for most women is like being raped twice)? YES!
  • Did she deserve these comments by a Judge who has no idea what it means to be raped? NO!

    Bottom line ladies, we all need to educate our daughters and ourselves as to better awareness techniques, what a crime looks like, how it proceeds, what is the criminal mindset and how to trust our instincts. Then, on top of that, we need to be ready to physically thwart of any potential predator if needed.

    Ladies, it is the 21st century and our world is becoming more dangerous than it ever has. Murder may be down nationwide, but Rape continues to rise.

    Isn't it time we stopped denying the reality of the world we live in and begin the education process for our daughters and ourselves to be prepared to fight back against crime?

    **Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO/Founder of Women's Self-Defense Institute and EasySafety4U.com providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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