Are You in Touch with Your Inner Bitch?

I got your attention, didn't I? As a woman, that "B" word, has all kinds of negative connotations. Language, when it comes to women, has been used to control our behavior and dictate our societal roles. When you look at the history of the word, it dates back to the mid 1300's and the connotations haven't changed much in 800 years.

The word itself has several meanings. As a noun it refers to a female dog or a lewd, immoral woman, or a malicious, spiteful or overbearing woman. Not too pleasant.

So why would we want you to be in touch with your inner bitch?

Because as a verb, it means to spoil or botch as in spoils of war (what belongs by right or custom to the victor in war); and to foul up hopelessly. And when it comes to self-defense, that would be a good thing!

Let's also look at the first meaning as a noun - a female dog. What's more protective of home and family than a female dog? In my experience with breeding dogs, the females are always more dangerous than the males. Again, when it comes to self-defense, a good thing!

Being able to be in touch with your inner bitch means that you have the skill set and the ability to assert your right to defend yourself. That when it comes to your safety, you are not passive. You are, as the word suggests, all teeth barred and willing to keep what is yours.

Being able to tap into your inner bitch will help keep you alive and destroy the scenario the attacker thought he had - a compliant victim.

So, what are you doing to get in touch with your inner bitch?

**Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO & Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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