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There is a common saying among safety experts: What you think you know will kill you.

That saying applies in multiples to avoiding crime and violence. It is often the very normalcy and familiarity of our surrounding that blinds us to the significance of signals that we are about to meet danger. To the victim, it just seems like the violence "came out of nowhere." In fact, there were plenty of warnings, plenty of opportunities to recognize danger signals, dangerous circumstances, but the victim either ignored them, didn't see them or didn't recognize their significance. This is where what you "think" you know about crime and violence will blind you to these danger signals. With this in mind you must remember one critical rule:

Crime is a process. It has both a goal and easily identifiable stages.

If a criminal intends to commit a crime, his actions will become more predictable and more recognizable to someone who is aware of the process. There are things he *has* to do. If they are present, you are in danger.

If these elements are *not* present, then there is no possibility of committing a crime. Therefore, you are not in danger.

The following discussions are a guide to understanding criminal behaviour and allow for identifiers that you can utilize to recognize potential danger and prepare the necessary self-defense response(s).

ABCs of Crime & Prevention

States of Awareness - The Cooper Color Codes and Self-Defense Utilizing awareness, risk reduction and avoidance techniques, you can achieve a large degree of control over your fate thru learning to observe your environment, continually evaluating it, and reacting appropriately to what you see or feel. This requires that you learn a concept known as Color Code developed by Colonel Jeff Cooper as a way to train soldiers in awareness and readiness to react & respond to combat conditions. The system is now taught to military and police organizations and is used in most handgun training classes. read on...

The Crime Triangle The Crime Triangle is an understanding and awareness of how crime happens. By understanding the process, you, as an individual, can significantly decrease your chances of becoming a potential victim. read on...

What is your Violence Personality? Are you prey (a sheep), predator (a wolf) or a protector (sheepdog)? That is the question asked by LTC. Dave Grossman in his book, “On Killing”. The overall consensus was that most of us, especially women, are sheep. read on...


Stalking - Understanding How to Protect Yourself Article provides an overview of stalking, facts & figures, steps victims can take to protect themselves and additional resources. read on...

Criminal Stalking Laws by State Provides a state by state breakdown of the criminal laws regarding stalking. read on...

The Stalker - Understanding the Five Different Types By classifying stalkers, we are better able to understand the different types of stalking behaviour and provide a potential victim with the tools to better protect themselves, assist law enforcement in profiling and also aid our mental health and legal systems in assessing the risk of recidivism and the likelihood of rehabilitation. read on...

Resources for Stalking Victims Listed are national organizations who are advocates for victims of stalking. read on..

Stalking Posters Listed are stalking awareness posters available for free download provided by the National Center for Victims of Crime. They are black and white at 8.5x11". read on..

Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence Teen dating violence is the silent epidemic in this Country. Learn more about the statistics and what you can do to help and get help. read on...

Quiz - Are you a victim of teen dating violence? Does something about your relationship scare you? Take the most important quiz of your life and know there is help. read on..

Resources for Victims of Teen Dating Violence Listed are national organizations who are advocates for victims of teen dating violence. read on..

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