Crime is Down Nationally - Edison, NJ Crime is Up

The FBI has posted their preliminary 2008 crime statistics. Overall, crimes appeared to have declined for the second year in a row of about 2.5%. The number of property crimes in 2008 versus 2007 appeared to have decreased nationally at 1.6%.

Unfortunately, the Northeast has seen the smallest decline compared to the rest of the country. Our violent crime rates are down about 1.4%, but our property crime increased 1.6% compared to the rest of the country.

Some of the overall highlights from the 2008 Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report are:

  • All four of the violent crime offense categories declined nationwide: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter (down 4.4 percent), aggravated assault (down 3.2 percent), forcible rape (down 2.2 percent), and robbery (down 1.1 percent).

  • While violent crimes like murder, forcible rape, and robberies in cities with one million or more residents decreased, cities with less than 10,000 residents reported increases in those same categories (murder up 5.5 percent, forcible rape up 1.4 percent, robbery up 3.9 percent).

  • Nationwide, burglaries were the only property crime to show an increase (up 1.3 percent), while thefts decreased (down 0.6 percent) as did motor vehicle thefts (down a whopping 13.1 percent!).

  • Arson offenses, tracked separately from other property crimes, declined in all four regions of the country—Northeast, South, Midwest, and West. The largest decrease was in the West (down 5.9 percent).

    One of the most startling findings of the report for Edison, NJ women and residents is the stark increase in violent crime; especially after being named one of the 10 Safest Cities in the Country.

    Violent crime in Edison, NJ is up 4% overall compared against 2007 stats with the most shocking increase in rapes and murder. Burglaries are up 2.2% overall.

    This is not the time to be complacent about our safety. Take the next steps and ensure your overall personal protection by enrolling in a self-defense course today.

    Remember, these statistics are lagging indicators, meaning we won't know the true results until 18 months later. Given the headlines, the increase of domestic abuse services & use of women's shelters, it would be safe to say that 2009 will show an uptick in violent crimes against 2008.

    Be sure you are prepared and don't become another statistic.

    For a complete copy of the FBI 2008 Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report, visit

    Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO & Founder of Women's Self-Defense Institute and has been teaching women's self-defense programs for over 20 years. She is a tireless advocate of self-reliance and responsibility, encouraging women to actively protect life through awareness and education.

    Angie holds the following certifications:

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Kenpo
  • 1st Degree Black Belt & Certified Instructor in Combat Hapkido
  • Certified Instructor in Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
  • Certified instructor in International Police Defensive Tactics
  • Certified Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist
  • Certified Kid-Safe Network Agent
  • Certified Woman-Safe Network Agent
  • Professional Speaker
  • Published Author -
  • -"Practical Self Defense & Safety Tips for Today's Busy Female"
  • -"5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Reiki Master" Reiki Master

    Angie created Women's Self-Defense Institute to share information, resources, products, training and advice about safety and survival to women nationally & internationally coping with a dangerous world. Angie brings humor and real world examples to her training empowering women to tap into their own strengths and become their own best self-defense advocates.

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