The Card Toss

The Card-Toss is relatively easy. Find a deck of cards and pick four exercises and let the fun begin!

The goal is to do this everyday for the next 31 days.

The Card Toss setup is easy: each suit in the deck of cards equals an exercise. In our case, let's keep it simple for the first month and use exercises everyone knows:

  • Hearts = Jumping Jacks
  • Spades = Pushups
  • Diamonds = Situps
  • Clubs = Lunges

    So far so good, right?

    Next, since we are starting out easily, the face value of the card is how many of that exercise you will do. Example, if I flipped over the 8 of hearts, I would do 8 Jumping Jacks. If I flipped over the 2 of Diamonds, I would do 2 situps.

    What about the facecards? For our purposes, Aces = 1 rep, Jacks/Queens/Kings = 15 reps

    Easy enough, right?

    If this is the first time you're back trying any exercises, I would recommend that you consult with your physician and begin with only 10 cards for the first week, 20 for the 2nd, 30 for the 3rd week and the entire deck on the last week.

    If this is becoming easy as you go along, try throwing two cards at once. The first card determines the exercise and the number of reps, the second card determines the number of sets. For example, if I throw the 7 of Diamonds and the 5 of Hearts, I would do 5 sets of situps of 7 repetitions each or 35 situps.

    Try this drill for the next 31 days and see how you do. Remember, success is built by cultivating habits.

    Good Luck!

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