Here is just a sample of the feedback and testimonials we've received about our many women's self-defense seminars and training programs.

All testimonials are on file for review.

"“College Safety For Her” program benefits not only college bound students but women of all ages. Angie engaged students right away by using humor to teach a topic that is not easily spoken about. Her enthusiastic style captured her audience of high school students, parents and faculty. Angie’s program covered the prevention piece through her hands on techniques. Her use of acronyms and examples will help any woman to be more observant of her surroundings and to understand the importance of having a plan.

Having Angie come to Central High School gave students and mothers the opportunity to learn strategies to protect themselves in a non- threatening environment. Those who participated left the gym having the self confidence and reassurance of knowing what to do in most situations that may arise. Feedback from students, parents and faculty was exceptionally positive. I highly recommend her program to any women especially those in the 16-24 year old age group."

-Lois Fyfe, Wellness Coordinator/Teacher
Hopewell Valley Central High School - New Jersey

"Everyone I talk to had nothing but great things to say about the seminar, so I am sure we will ask you to come back again.

A lot of people also said they were disappointed they didn't get a chance to attend...And if I didn't already say so, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING. The seminar was a HUGE hit. You were GREAT. Thank you from all of WFN."

-Mary T. Fantuzzo, Co-Chair of Working Families Network
JP Morgan Chase - New Jersey

"Thank you so much for giving such an incredible presentation to us on Friday night. We had such a great time and learned so much. Your style made the information easy to process, understand and remember. Thank you for working with us and for your contribution of time and talent to further our cause of fighting cancer.

Angie shared a lot of great life-saving tips and tricks, presented in a way that was fun and memorable. Thanks for protecting our most valuable resources - ourselves!"

-Diane Beery, Sr. Director, Income Develpment
American Cancer Association, Eastern Division - New Jersey

"The university staff and student participants of Angie's empowerment class in February of 2008 had a wonderful experience. Angie made all feel comfortable and, by the end of the program, had participants clearly feeling more knowledgeable and attuned to the resources we as women have to protect ourselves. We'd love to have her come back and build upon the foundation of empowerment she fostered in participants. This program was a wonderful component of our Women's Wellness Week."

Christina Liparini, PH.D, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Farleigh Dickinson University - New Jersey

"I wanted to give a sincere Thank You for coming out to train our staff here at Triple C Housing... The Empowerment Series was excellent.

I cannot even begin to tell you all the positive feedback I have received from the staff who attended. Just about every person is interested in continuing training in your RAD program or simple having you return for a refresher course.

What made your training so great is that not only did you present necessary physical moves for protection, but dove into the psychological and physiological differences between men and women and, moreover, the criminal mind vs. the victim persona.

Furthermore your high energy, knowledge, and deep devotion to women’s safety and empowerment was very evident and only added to the enjoyment of the experience.

The training was by far the most interesting, fun, educational, and USEFUL training the agency has ever had. We would love to have you back! Thank you so much again from all the staff here at Triple C Housing!"

Jessica Hart, MA
Regional Coordinator
Triple C Housing, Inc. - New Jersey

"Great Seminar!!! Angie very informative & dynamic. Good to hear TIPS women need to know."

-Hilda P. - New Jersey

"I walked away learning how to carry myself so I am not considered a victim/target. Angie was awesome! I definitely recommend women take this course!"

-Nicole D. - Pennsylvania

"A lot of self defense is easy to pick up and use. You will be surprised how much you're able to do."

Marina A. - New Jersey

"I would recommend this to junior high or high school age as a first introduction (or ealier) beacuase I think by the time women reach college and beyond, they have already encountered a bad or unsafe situation. Awareness is 90% of preventing an attack. Angie was very animated and knowledgeable. She was enthusiastic about teaching.

Erika K. - New Jersey

"Angie was phenomenal; she presented the material clearly and concisely. Real world tips!"

-Lysette B. - New Jersey

"The class had practical facts and techniques. The handouts and hands on portion were excellent. I was very impressed with the Instructor, Angie. The class was fun, exciting, informative and worth my time."

Jeanine C. - New Jersey

"The seminar was excellent. I learned to be aware - prevent attacks; learned the mindset of attacker; learned how to defend myself. Angie is very knowledgeable about crime, prevention, defense and the law. She gave a sense of not feeling helpless, more empowered to protect myself. This is an excellent course and definitely worth the time! I learned a lot about attack prevention and self-defense."

-Sharon L. - Pennsylvania

"Angie was energetic and presented information in a great way. She had the whole room engaged and interested in the topic."

-Julia A. - New Jersey

"The hands on portion was excellent! The class was very empowering. It's good to know that you can fight effectively without strength. To someone thinking about taking this course - Take IT!"

-Stefanie J. - Pennsylvania

"Awareness is my #1 weapon. I go home from the library at 2,3 or even 4 in the morning sometimes and am too tired to notice my surroundings. This seminar woke me up about that. Angie was very passionate, knowledgeable and personable. The course taught basic tools anyone can use to defend themselves - no matter your size or skill level."

Aylin T. - New Jersey

"Awesome. Very informative & relevant. Not boring at al. Involved."

-Kelby C. - New Jersey

"I appreciated the eye opening information you provided. I will definitely tell others about your program."

-Roselie M. - New Jersey

"Excellent class! Thank you!"

-Gisella A. - New Jersey

"Every woman should take this class. We owe it to ourselves to take these types of awareness classes and collectively empower ourselves."

-Jennifer C. - New Jersey

"Something every person should attend, especially females."

-Nancy R. - New Jersey

"I enjoyed this class. I am definitely walking away w/ new information. It opened my mind more to my daily routine to be more aware of my surroundings."

-Jennifer K. - New Jersey

"Thank you! It was very useful and helpful. I feel safet already with my new knowledge of self-defense."

-Mindy S. - New Jersey

"I thought the content...was applicable to daily life and can be implemented immediately. The information was very useful."

-Micki S. - New Jersey

"I enjoyed very much - make me more aware of situations to pay close attention to. I learned quite a bit today."

-Lucy K. - New Jersey

"2.5 hours wasn't enough but I loved the workshop. Very practical, interesting and motivating."

-Heather G - New Jersey

"Excellent speaker on getting the message across."

-Raymond S. - New Jersey

"Found the program to be quite informative. Also learned some new practical techniques...In addition, thought the short legal briefing was helpful."

-Melvin W. - New Jersey

"A very informative and practical presentation on women's self-defense and hands on!"

-Alyson P. - New Jersey

"I really enjoyed this seminar. The most important thing I learned is the different dynamics and approaches between men and women for self-defense. And always make eye contact."

-Shradha S. - New Jersey

"Great Presenter!"

-Maria V. - New Jersey

"It was a great way to feel comfortable and in control in situations you aren't meant to feel control in."

-Ashley P. - New Jersey

"What a great introduction to Self-Defense. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for my teenage daughter. Thanks for the information."

-Debbie H. - New Jersey

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