Women’s Self-Defense Institute named one of “The 50 Best Safety & Security Blogs” in the country by “Forensic Science Technician”

On February 27, 2009, ForensicScienceTechnician.org named Women’s Self-Defense Institute, a New Jersey based women’s educational and personal protection organization teaching nationally and internationally, as having one of “The 50 Best Safety and Security Blogs” in the country.

Angie M. Tarighi, founder & CEO, has been educating women and teaching violence prevention and personal protection strategies for the past 20+ years. “Unfortunately, we still continue to see women not properly educated on how to prevent and/or respond to aggression and violence. And, as the economy worsens, crime rates go up targeting women, making it more important than ever for women to be trained.” Ms. Tarighi said.

“I am honored and humbled by this award. I love teaching and seeing the look of empowerment that comes over a woman’s face when she realizes that this isn’t hard or scary; and that she is quite capable and effective in being able to protect herself and her family. That moment is when she has gone from a scared potential victim to her own best resource. And this all happens through education.” Ms. Tarighi stated.

Women’s Self-Defense Institute believes that self defense is much more than just physical techniques. They believe in empowering women thru education to combat crime. The education consists of awareness training, prevention opportunities, understanding criminal dynamics, risk reduction assessments, risk avoidance awareness and lastly, the self-realization of a woman’s own personal power.

In today’s increasingly violent climate, with one out of every 100 citizens incarcerated, every citizen is responsible for ensuring her own personal and family’s safety and security. Statistics continually reinforce that a woman who fights back during a life-threatening situation substantially increases her chances of avoiding rape, serious injury or death.

Women’s Self-Defense Institute encourages you to visit their website for updated safety tips, community and national resources and training options.

Angie M. Tarighi has been teaching women’s self-defense for over 20+ years. She holds two black belts in Kempo & Combat Hapkido; is a certified Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Instructor; is a certified International Police Defensive Tactics Instructor; is a certified Kid-Safe Network Agent; is a certified Women-Safe Network Agent; and a Reiki Master.

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