4 Mistakes to Avoid With the Groin Strike

You would think that the simple act of kicking the groin would be just that - simple. Unfortunately, most people (including martial art instructors) don't understand the full mechanics involved in a successful groin strike. The thought is simply, "Kick him in the groin and he'll go down." This

unfortunately is not always the case. We are going to give you the 4 common mistakes to avoid when striking the groin so when you utilize the move the damage will be effective and permanent.

Mistake #1 - Kicking from Distance

For the groin strike to be effective, it needs to be up close and personal. As we teach our students, you want to "separate the tri-state area" permanently. This can only be done from a close quarter position. If you attempt to strike the groin from a distance, most men have a built in radar that quickly deflects and protects their groin - unless you're in close.

Mistake #2 - Attacking Straight On

The body's spinal reflex (the response that automatically protects you without conscious brain involvement) forces the hands to the groin, the upper body bent, the knees slightly collapsed and the chin jutting out. If you attack straight on which is taught in most martial arts classes, you are going to get headbutted and injured.

The goal is to strike and move your body away at a 30-45 degree angle so that you are not in the direct line of fire of his head.

Mistake #3 - Striking the Groin First

Nothing is more deflating than when you attempt to strike the groin first only to have your attacker defend himself and come after you. And remember, every guy expects you to strike his groin first. The first two strikes/kicks should be anywhere but the groin area. We recommend striking to the head and neck which forces the body backwards and thereby giving you a cleaner shot to the groin. He won't expect the head shots and therefore will not be focused on protecting his groin area.

Mistake #4 - No Follow Through

Everyone thinks that the groin area is so sensitive that if you just tap them, a man will fall down in agonizing pain. The reality is that most men have taken quite a bit of contact through sports, etc and can take a bit of pain. Further, if they are attacking you, their adrenaline is already flowing thereby inhibiting their pain sensors. The only recourse is to attack to crush the groin. The best attack is from underneath striking in an upward motion in order to "split the tri-state area," thereby causing the maximum amount of damage and pain and invoking the spinal reflex.

With a few simple modifications, you can make your next groin strike a conflict ender.

**Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO & Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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