10 Types of Self-Defense Anyone Can Learn

Thanks goes to Home Alarm Monitoring who provided the article below as a Guest Post by Mugging Victim, Doris Thompson. Enjoy!

To say I am qualified to write on such a subject as self-defense could be questionable. However I will hasten to add, what I know now many years after I was mugged is more than I knew then. It was December 14; I had gone Christmas shopping after work with a one hundred dollar bill in my purse. My children were at the church in play practice for the Christmas program.

I did my shopping, folded the left over bills from my purchase neatly into my billfold, and drove home. We had no garage, but we considered ourselves safe as we lived in a quiet neighborhood. I drove into my car-port, hung my purse over my shoulder, placed my coat over my shoulders, retrieved my bundles from the seat beside me, and with key in hand I stepped upon the small porch to unlock my front door.

Someone grabbed me from behind covering my face with a gloved hand. I am so claustrophobic all I wanted was his hand off my face so I could breath. He pulled me all over my front yard in the dark of the evening, while I managed a scream occasionally. He was trying to get my purse; I was using the same arm over which my purse was hanging to try to set myself free from his grasp. Needless to say he got what he wanted, and I lay hysterical and broken on the ground as I watched him gallop up the hill out of sight.

Now what does that mean now? I do question this. Had I known a few self-defense techniques and/or tips would I have been able to use them? Surely the training that comes with the self-defense course would have taught me to act, instead of re-act.

Maybe it isn’t too late for you. Try these…

  • 1. Always keep your head up when walking outside, this lets people know you are paying attention.

  • 2. Never wear headphones in both ears when outside. If you must wear them only use one ear bud so your other ear is free to listen to your surroundings.

  • 3. Try not to carry your purse in your hand, keep it on your shoulder where it is secure and cannot easily be removed.

  • 4. Never unlock your car door until you can clearly see the surrounding area and are sure there is no one waiting to jump into your car.

  • 5. Car keys are an excellent weapon; they are sharp and can be used if someone is grabbing you. If they are poked with the key they will quickly become distracted long enough for you to run.

  • 6. Never be afraid to scream; make the most of the voice given to you and let people know you are in trouble.

  • 7. If someone grabs your arm and you can perform a distraction drill; this can involve many things including stepping on their foot, pinching their other arm with your free hand. When you do the distraction, pull your arm free. If you do not have a free hand, use your knee. You know where to hit!

  • 8. If you cannot use your arms or your knee, head butting is always a great option. This will blur their vision and distract them. At that point you should free your arm and run for help.

  • 9. If you have a free hand, gouge them in the eyes, this will cause their eyes to water and give you the opportunity to run. Punching someone in the nose will always create the eye watering effect.

  • 10. Should you see someone standing suspiciously near or next to your car, do not approach it; walk back into the building you just came from and call for help!

    Nothing like leaving home only to arrive hours later safe and sound.

    It's never too late to learn to protect yourself. Most of the women that come into our self-defense classes are there because something bad happened to them or someone they knew. Make time for your own self-defense training ; and don't let a lack of time make you a victim of crime.

    **Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO & Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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