April-2008-Sexual-Assault-Awareness-Month is nationally recognized as a month to focus awareness on sexual violence prevention. Sexual assault is one of the most under-reported and unspoken crimes in the United States.

Sexual assault involves sexual acts that are forced upon individuals against their will. These acts can be physical, such as rape or unwanted touching; verbal, such as sexually abusive or threatening speech; or psychological, such as voyeurism or exhibitionism.

Sexual violence is a serious problem that can have lasting, harmful effects on its victims and their families, friends and communities. The goal for sexual violence prevention is simple – stop it from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, the solutions are as complex as the problem.

The statistics continue to tell a frightening tale:

  • Eight out of 10 victims of sexual assault knew their perpetrators.
  • The National College Women Sexual Victimization Study estimates that between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 college women experienced completed or attempted rape during their college years.
  • More than 54% of all rapes of women occur before age 18; 22% of these rapes occur before age 12.

    April-2008-Sexual-Assault-Awareness-Month provides us with the first step in preventing sexual assault - education & training. Women’s Self-Defense Institute has partnered with the American Cancer Society of Hoboken and is presenting a 3-hour workshop entitled ”Women’s Safety Options – Deciding to End Sexual Violence.”

    The class is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 from 7-10pm at Hoboken University Medical Center’s Assumption Hall located at 308 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030. The class fee is $25 with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

    Space is limited and pre-registration is required.

    Sexual harassment and sexual violence thrive on silence. Take an active stand in learning more about sexual assault and its prevention. Your efforts could have a lasting effect.

    **Angie M. Tarighi is the CEO/Founder of Women’s Self-Defense Institute and EasySafety4U.com providing self defense training, education awareness & personal protection products empowering women to fight back against crime.

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